GenPol & University Women in the Arts collaborate on major new education project

We are delighted to announce that GenPol will partner with the University Women In the Arts, a mentoring scheme to help improve women’s transition from studying the arts to working in the arts, on an exciting new project for 2018 – 2019. This twelve-month study aims to help female arts student, as well as organisations that support them, to deal with, tackle and help eradicate abuse, bullying and harassment within the industry.

Read more about it in this piece by Rachel Hall for The Guardian.


As pointed out by Jennifer Tuckett, Director of University Women in the Arts, “Research conducted as part of recent discussions around abuse in the arts has shown that it is often those at the start of their careers who are affected by abuse. We hope our 12 month project will allow us to provide a platform for female arts students to share their views and experiences of abuse, bullying and harassment, as well as providing a toolkit in partnership with GenPol to help teachers at school and university level to equip their students to deal with this issue and help tackle and eradicate bullying, abuse and harassment in the arts. In terms of equipping the next generation going into the arts, education has a huge role to play in tackling this issue”.


Our CEO Dr Lilia Giugni added: “As shown by GenPol’s latest report, over 50 million European women have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence in their lifetimes, and education is crucial to prevent these abuses. While the #metoo campaign has made the world aware of the extent of gender-based violence, especially within the art industry, we now need to move the debate forward and talk solutions. Wonderful resources for effective education in this area already exist, and we do not need to reinvent the wheel. However, we do need outlets and network to exchange good practices, and more funding for research in this area. Our collaboration with the University of Women in the Arts is an exciting step forward in this direction”.


The project begins with a call out to female arts students studying at universities across the UK or who have graduated in the last two years to submit work inspired by their views and experiences of abuse, either in the arts or more generally. Chosen submissions will be published in a book to provide a platform for female arts students views and experiences, alongside a tooklit for use by teachers at school and university level or for use by students on their own.


The project will be advised by Professor Pamela Burnard, Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education at the University of Cambridge and one of the world’s leading experts on arts education. Co-editors of the book to be published as a result of the project include Jingan Young, who recently edited Foreign Goods,a book of work by British East Asian playwrights published by Oberon Books, and Titilola Dawudu, Learning and Participation Manager at the Ovalhouse Theatre who was recently selected for the Artistic Director Leadership Programme’s “Leaders of Tomorrow” scheme.



[photo credits: Malaika Shaw was a winner of the PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music fund. Photograph: PRS Foundation]

GenPol for SOS Music Media – Men and #MeToo

[Live podcast] What role can men play in advancing gender equality?

We’re proud to be featured on SOS Music Media amazing podcast series! There will be a live recording on June 25th 2018 at 5pm in central Cambridge.  Our CEO Lilia Giugni will be in conversation with Tanner Taddeo of SOS Music Media, discussing ways in which men and boys can contribute to the struggle towards a more gender equal world in the wake of #MeToo.

If you’re interested in learning more about the underlying issues of gender equality and meeting individuals working on the front lines of the issue(s), then this event is for you. Come and listen to the live podcast and then discuss the issues afterwards with thought leaders on gender equality during the drinks/networking event.

Book your tickets now on Eventbrite. See you there!


In partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation

[image credits: SOS Music Media]

GenPol for Euractiv – Europe needs better sex education

We are delighted to share a great piece written by our Research Associate Nathalie Greenfield for


“[…] Data gathered from across the EU reinforces that gender-based harassment and violence is prevalent in Europe. One in three European women (33%) has experienced physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 15; nearly half (43%) of women in the EU have experienced some form of psychological violence by a current or former partner; and one in twenty (5%) has been raped at least once. This needs to change.

Good quality sexuality education has the potential to drastically alter the harassment, assault, and violence that women experience, yet it is rarely made use of across member states.”

GenPol presents a clear case for action and proposes a number of recommendations, which must be prioritised:

  • Coordinating best practices
  • Legislating on sexuality education
  • Inclusivity
  • Tackling online abuse “


Read the full article here.


Read more by Nathalie:


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