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Women in publishing: addressing the glass ceiling
Industry data averages- a wolf in sheep’s clothing Publishing is often viewed as a rare example of an industry dominated
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Supporting women in business: Spotlight on AmaElla
Shining a light on women in business At GenPol we are committed to backing female entrepreneurs, and sharing success stories
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Are powerful women the answer to inequality?
Earlier this year, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) released its 2017 Gender Equality Index. One of its more
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Three words, Two acronyms, One goal: Introducing PIÙ SANE and PREVENT
(Picture Credits: Elyssa Rider) Hot on the heels of our recent collaboration with German NGO Serlo to create an online course
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Progress, but slow: reflections on the 2017 Gender Equality Index
This year, I was fortunate to attend the Gender Equality Index 2017 conference. The Gender Equality Index is a tool
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SRE provision in Europe: inconsistent, incomplete, but indispensable
What do sex education and The Great British Bake Off have in common? They can both make us cringe, they
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