Our Mission

We are a think tank consultancy and a social enterprise. We advocate for gender equality and enable others to understand gender dynamics and find gender-sensitive solutions to their problems.

Our Team

GenPol’s international team share a keen interest in gender equality issues, have excellent interdisciplinary research skills, and experience in policy-making, the media world and campaigning. The international profile of the team also allows them to research, import and spread best practices across different countries.

Dr Lilia Giugni

Dr Lilia Giugni

Chief Executive Officer

A political scientist by training, Dr Lilia Giugni is a research fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests and advocacy work cover the promotion of gender equality across multiple organisational settings, the prevention of gender-based violence, and the gendered side of entrepreneurship, technology and crime.

A multi-disciplinary researcher, Lilia holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and has studied and worked in academia, policy and the third sector between Italy, France, the UK, the US and Vietnam. She regularly writes and delivers talks and keynote speeches on matters of gender and women’s rights, and she sits in the board of several charities, social enterprises and feminist networks. These include the Italian charity and e-magazine F Come and the social justice network Rebel Network.

Chiara De Santis

Chiara De Santis

Chief Policy Officer

Chiara is a consultant on international public policy. She has worked for the European Commission, the European Parliament, and has overseen several EU funded projects.

She holds a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees in Politics and International Relations and has worked for the United Nations and extensively researched matters related to regionalism, foreign policy and political and economic relations between the EU and Asia.

Caitlyn Merry

Caitlyn Merry

Business Development Officer

Caitlyn works as Content Manager for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. She is completing a Masters degree in Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge, where her academic research focuses on community enterprise and gender empowerment.

She has two bachelors degrees, having studied archaeology at the University of British Columbia, and law at SOAS. After completing her law degree, Caitlyn worked for human rights charities, and in the pro bono department of law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. Her interest in education as a means of social change led her to complete the Teach First Program. She taught in an inner London secondary school for four years and was head of the secondary school computer science department.

Ellen Davis-Walker

Ellen Davis-Walker

Chief Communications Officer

Ellen is completing a PhD in French at the University of Edinburgh having completed her Ba and MPhil at the University of Cambridge. She is a freelance writer and translator, and has worked at several international film festivals in France, Italy and the UK. She has additional experience in simultaneous interpretation, and has previously worked as a legal researcher focusing on international and employment law in Francophone Africa. Her academic research focuses on colonial memory and transnational migration, and their impact on city spaces.

Francesca Di Nuzzo

Francesca Di Nuzzo

Chief Financial Officer

Francesca is a consultant for the cultural sector with a background in environmental economics and statistics. She has worked on matters relating to gender, organised crime and environmental policy, and has experience working in the public sector and academia in Italy and the UK. She started reflecting on matters of gender during her time at female-only Newnham College (Cambridge University), where she obtained her master's degree.

Alongside our core team, GenPol benefits from the insights of a global network of experts from academia, business and the third sector:

Our Board Our Advisors Our Research Associates

What We Do

Think Tank

We believe gender analysis is key to understanding the complexities of the modern world and producing meaningful social change. Our cutting-edge research sheds light on matters of migration, crime, sexuality, violence, media, employment relations.

Our work as a gender think tank is inspired by intersectional gender research.


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    As a gender consultancy, we help clients understand the impact of gender on their work, and find gender aware-solutions to their problems.

    GenPol takes conventional gender consulting several steps further, moving beyond a narrow focus on HR issues, and incorporating broader expertise on how gender affects businesses and society.

    Academic rigour. Bespoke solutions. An innovative, exciting approach to gender consulting.

    We can help with: gender-aware product and process design, gender in the workplace, supply chains and CSR projects, gender orientated due diligence, gender-sensitive decision-making & governance, gender and education, security and gender-based violence prevention, gender and development, sector-specific gender research


    Highly customised and thoroughly researched, client-specific deliverables include:

    • Consultancy projects: in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, final reports, policy guidelines and recommendations
    • Training & Mentoring: client-tailored consultancy work delivered through training and workshops
    • Toolkits:  sector-specific, fixed-price packages and tools informed by in-house research

    What our clients and partners say

    • I really enjoyed the day and found it very thought-provoking and inspiring.

      Ky Hoyle, Founder of Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium about GenPol's launch conference in June 2017

    • I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere which made it easy to participate, and the opportunity to meet successful and inspiring women.

      Mentee, GenPol's speed mentoring event in Cambridge, March 2017

    • I love the idea of consent as a journey. I had never thought about it this way.

      On GenPol's online course on consent

    • 87 % of respondents to our online consultation of consent trainers, Women’s Officers and sexual violence experts declared to be likely or very likely to make use of our reports and recommendations.

    • I hope to work with GenPol again in the future, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to understand gender differences in whichever field.

      Karl, project lead

    • I had a wonderful time and found the talks very inspiring.

      Dolly Ogunrinde (IntoUniversity) about GenPol's launch conference in June 2017

    • 90% of the participants in our young women’s speed mentoring programme reported feeling inspired and more confident in their personal and professional lives as a result of attending the programme.

    • It was such an honour to share the
      space with so many wonderful people working so hard to make social
      change and social justice such a core value and aspiration.

      Norah Al-Ani, Director of Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre

    • 83% of the beneficiaries of our consent education toolkit reported feeling more able to make informed, conscious and healthy choices in their love and sex lives, and to clearly express their needs and boundaries as a result of the programme.

    • Reflecting on the conversations I had with the mentors gave me a degree of clarity on when I want to do with my life.

      Mentee, GenPol's speed mentoring event in Cambridge, March 2017

    • I think GenPol's report on sexual abuse in universities is fantastic! Extremely informative and full of good statistics. I will be using it to help shape my campaigns for the year. It is a fantastic piece of research!

      Women’s Officer, University of Swansea


    Upcoming events

    November 21st, 2018. GenPol, IPPF European Network and European Women’s Lobby host an advocacy event on digital gender-based violence at the European Parliament.

    November 19th, 2018. Dr Lilia Giugni delivers a key note speech at the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre General Assembly and presents GenPol’s latest report on consent training and sexual violence prevention in UK universities.

    Past events

    September 27th, 2018. Dr Lilia Giugni, together with criminologist Laura Gutierrez Gomez and management expert Prof. Roberto Vona, discuss gender and organised crime at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

    September 8th, 2018. Dr Lilia Giugni talks intersectionality and progressive alliances at Italian social justice rally Rebel Network. Her speech available here.

    July 20th, 2018. As part of our collaboration with University Women in The Arts, our CEO Lilia Giugni will join the panel discussion How To Improve The Transition For Women From Studying The Arts To Working In The Arts. taking place during London Writers’ Week. Panellists also include The Guardian Higher Education Network editor Rachel Hall,  playwright, mentor and Learning and Participation Manager at the Ovalhouse Theatre Titilola Dawudu, and playwright, Artistic Director and BBC New Talent Hot List writer Jingan Young.

    June 25th, 2018. [Live podcast] What role can men play in advancing gender equality? We’re proud to be featured on SOS Music Media amazing podcast series! There will be a live recording starting from 5pm in central Cambridge.  Our CEO Lilia Giugni will be in conversation with Tanner Taddeo of SOS Music Media, discussing ways in which men and boys can contribute to the struggle towards a more gender equal world in the wake of #MeToo. In partnership with the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. Tickets on sale here.

    May 22nd, 2018. We are pleased to announce that GenPol has been awarded the 2018 Lee-Yung Family Award from Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge. We are honoured to receive this contribution and we are grateful to the Lee-Young family and the Trinity Hall alumni network for their support.

    May 17th, 2018. GenPol and the Africa Technology Business Network hosted a roundtable in Holborn (London) on the role of business in bridging the digital gender divide.


    March 28, 2018. The Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation hosted a #femalefounders panel at the Judge Business School in Cambridge. Our CEO Lilia Giugni joined the panel discussing how to make social enteprises more inclusive and fairer spaces for all. Fellow social ventures Turtle Dove, Mamoq and BeeBee Wraps shared the stage.

    March 1, 2018Consent in the classroom: mapping SRE provisions after #MeToo, Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge. GenPol launches its first policy paper examining the links between Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and gender-based violence, suggesting that comprehensive and inclusive teaching can help challenge and prevent abusive behaviours. The paper arises from experts’ contributions to GenPol’s launch conference in June 2017. This is one of the first studies assessing the quality and influence of sexual education across all EU member states. Attendance is free for all but places are limited, please RSVP here.

    November 30, 2017: ‘Gender identities, mafia and anti-mafia‘, University of Catania. GenPol’s CEO Dr Lilia Giugni is talking about her research on gender and organised crime in a seminar hosted by the Deparment of Education at University of Catania, Sicily.


    October 14-15, 2017: FiLiA – the Feminism In London conference. Our CEO Dr Lilia Giugni is speaking on Sex and Relationship Education as a tool against gender-based violence.

    July 3, 2017: ‘TRINITY HALL WOMEN 40 ANNIVERSARY’, Trinity Hall, Cambridge: Our CEO, Dr Lilia Giugni, presents GenPol’s research on gender and organised crime at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

    June 24, 2017: ‘GENPOL LAUNCH CONFERENCE, Cambridge Judge Business School: ‘Can education end abuse? Sex ed tools to tackle gender-based violence’, co-organised with the Cambridge Centre for Social innovation


    March 11, 2017: ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CONFERENCE, King’s College, Cambridge: ‘Our CEO, Dr Lilia Giugni, speaks at Women in Academia panel


    March 3, 2017: ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S WEEK SPEED MENTORING EVENT, Cambridge Judge Business School’, co-organised by GenPol and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation


    November 30, 2016: WOMEN PATH’S, University of Leeds, ‘Our CEO, Dr Lilia Giugni, presents GenPol’s programme ‘Gender & Organised Crime’ at the University of Leeds’



    GenPol Launch Conference


    “Can Education Stop Abuse? Approaches To Tackle Gender-Based Violence”

    International Conference

    Saturday June 24th, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


    Comprehensive sex and relationship education is increasingly regarded as crucial to counteracting gender-based violence. Recent research conducted across the globe shows that young people who participate in good quality SRE programmes are more likely to make autonomous, informed and healthy decisions about their sexual lives (Advocates For Youth, 2009; Sex Education Forum UK, 2015). However, successfully delivering educational tools, especially when incorporating a specific focus on the themes of gender, informed consent and every form of violence and discrimination, often eludes policy-makers and other stake-holders.

    Furthermore, it is also a challenge to develop high quality guidelines and training programmes specifically tailored to the personnel of organisations whose work intersects matters of gender and gender-based violence. For example, in recent years there has been a concerted effort within law enforcement agencies to develop effective educational programmes to help their staff to deal with gender-based violence and, more broadly, the ways in which matters of gender influence their activities (NATO 2015; UN Women 2015).

    GenPol and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation invite you to an exciting day of debates, panel discussions, networking, and key notes. This conference will bring together a wide range of participants from different nationalities and backgrounds, including researchers, educators, therapists, legal experts, social and media entrepreneurs, civil servants and representatives from a variety of institutions. Topics of discussion include consent, successful sex ed programmes, disability and gender-based violence, online abuse, and a conversation on masculinity. By fostering a fruitful dialogue between experts and practitioners in the field, we aim to identify both a clear theoretical framework and effective practical resources for different institutional audiences.

    See the full Conference Programme

    Find the event on Eventbrite and Facebook

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