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We believe gender analysis is key to understanding the complexities of the modern world and producing meaningful social change. Our cutting-edge research sheds light on matters of migration, crime, sexuality, violence, media, employment relations.

Our work as a gender think tank is inspired by intersectional gender research.


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    As a gender consultancy, we help clients understand the impact of gender on their work, and find gender aware-solutions to their problems.

    GenPol takes conventional gender consulting several steps further, moving beyond a narrow focus on HR issues, and incorporating broader expertise on how gender affects businesses and society.

    Academic rigour. Bespoke solutions. An innovative, exciting approach to gender consulting.

    We can help with: gender-aware product and process design, gender in the workplace, supply chains and CSR projects, gender orientated due diligence, gender-sensitive decision-making & governance, gender and education, security and gender-based violence prevention, gender and development, sector-specific gender research


    Highly customised and thoroughly researched, client-specific deliverables include:

    • Consultancy projects: in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, final reports, policy guidelines and recommendations
    • Training & Mentoring: client-tailored consultancy work delivered through training and workshops
    • Toolkits:  sector-specific, fixed-price packages and tools informed by in-house research

    Clients & Partners

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                          Contact Info

                          Gender & Policy Insights (10783588)
                          Registered address: 11 Peterhouse Mews
                          High Street Chesterton
                          CB4 1UW Cambridge
                          United Kingdom

                          GenPol is also a registered Italian charity (1269/3)
                          GenPol e' un'associazione culturale registrata
                          Registered address: via Schipa 91
                          80122 Naples