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Legislative Approaches To Rape In The EU
This post marks the first in a series of three weekly case studies addressing legislative approaches to rape in the
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Why The European Elections Are A Feminist Issue (And Why You Should Vote!)
On the 23rd of May people across Europe will head to the poles to cast their vote in the European
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GenPol In The Globe Post
We’re very excited to share  our CEO Lilia Giugni’s Op-Ed piece in the Globe Post, ‘Women’s Rights Backlash and Feminist
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The Emancipatory Potential of Feminist Pornography
Pornography and feminism are often seen as antithetical to one another, and it’s not hard to see why. To say
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Takeaways from #MeToo On Campus
We were delighted to welcome so many of you to our conference with Westminster Briefing ‘#MeToo on Campus: Ending Sexual
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How Violence Disempowers Women: Spotlight on Mexico City
At present, there are about 45 civil wars going on across the globe. 10 out of these 45-armed conflicts alone
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